Applause 2014 - 2015

The APPLAUSE SERIES brings world-class performing artists and diverse art forms to Des Moines Performing Arts' stages for one-hour matinee performances for school audiences. Each performance connects to in-class curriculum, providing the perfect opportunity to learn about and through the arts.

2014-2015 Applause Series

Past Event Schoolhouse Rock Live!
Schoolhouse Rock Live!
Nov 3–4, 2014
Past Event Stella, Queen of the Snow
Stella, Queen of the Snow
November 6, 2014
Past Event Diavolo
Jan 22–23, 2015
Past Event The Peking Acrobats
The Peking Acrobats
Feb 12–13, 2015
Past Event Sofrito! A Latin Funk Experience
Sofrito! A Latin Funk Experience
February 19, 2015
Past Event Dinosaur Train - Live!
Dinosaur Train - Live!
March 3, 2015
Past Event Mayhem Poets
Mayhem Poets
March 10, 2015
Past Event The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley
The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley
Mar 23–24, 2015
Past Event Lifeboat
Apr 6–8, 2015
Past Event Complexions
April 10, 2015
The Adventures of Robin Hood
The Adventures of Robin Hood
May 20–22, 2015

Past Event Scrap Arts Music
Scrap Arts Music
Mar 5–6, 2015

Please review our RESERVATION GUIDELINES and PAYMENT AND CANCELLATION POLICIES before placing your order.

Des Moines Performing Arts offers real-time ticketing to the Applause Series through our online order system. Simply create a person educator account to manage your reservations and to immediately confirm your reservations once your order has been placed. If you are in need of assistance, watch this tutorial video on how to use the ticketing process:

Study guide materials are available to all schools attending Applause Series performances. These materials provide information about the performance, company, and art form, and provide curriculum-related activities and discussion questions.

Photos and/or video taken of attendees during Applause Series events may be used for documentation and future promotional and fundraising purposes.

Please review our policies regarding reservations, payments, and cancellations prior to placing your order.

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