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'Realish Housewives of Edina' takes the cake

The Realish Housewives of Waukee

from Second City writers Kate James and Tim Sniffen


They’re ludicrous, loaded, and they come from Waukee!

THE REALISH HOUSEWIVES OF WAUKEE a parody may be a parody, but it’s got a whole lot of hometown truth as every performance features customized comedy crafted specifically for the Des Moines audience.

In THE REALISH HOUSEWIVES OF WAUKEE a parody you’ll meet Randy, the self absorbed host; Rovanka, the baroness of uncertain ethnicity; Claudia Louise, pretty and conniving in equal measure; Desiree, neck model; Zirconia, self made business tycoon; and Gwen, the only one in the bunch with half a brain.

But the real fun comes when these ladies turn their focus on all things local - making comedic hay of the current events and figures making headlines in the Des Moines Register. The audience even gets in on the act, as these ladies love to break the fourth wall.

Ridiculously funny and familiar, THE REALISH HOUSEWIVES OF WAUKEE a parody is a sure-fire hit that comes with a ton of laughs.

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